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ETP CDL Driving PErformanCE EvaLuaTion SCorE ShEET STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES To pass road portion you must have no more than 30 errors and no marks in automatic failure section. A Public Service Agency DaTe TesT locaTion VeHicle license no. /TRaileR iD PlaTe no. LEfT eXaMineR siGnaTURe RoUTe nUMBeR TurnS righT Approach signal-on Traffic check Decelerate/coast correct lane If Stop Unnecessary smooth Gap/stop line Full stop Wheels straight Roll Back Turning Both...
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Hello to everyone this will be detailed information to help you pass your driver's test by understanding the scoresheet I've already covered items from 9 through 14 so here's some more information your driver's window and your passenger window must work properly the examiner will have you turn the key in the on position to make sure that your turn signals brake lights and horn are working properly in addition your tires should be in decent condition your seat belts have to work and there should be no cracks on the windshield ok if the examiner has to pull up your parking brake or warn you of any impending danger it's an automatic fail if you rub or go over a curb if you don't make a complete stop at a stop sign or red light or stop on a green light when it's not warranted disobey any safety personnel this would include a police officer a construction worker or a safety cross guard these are all automatic fails if the examiner thinks you are making a dangerous decision if you drive too fast or too slow when it's not warranted automatic fail under safe conditions give yourself a 3-mile window above or below the speed limit and that should be fine if it's not safe then just keep a safe distance in addition you cannot use any equipment to control your speed finally you must complete your turn in the proper lane and never drift into another way as already mentioned on the previous video there is no freeway driving for first-time drivers in the parking lot there is primarily two things you should be concerned with traffic checking and speed the definition for a traffic check is the constant scanning for vehicle traffic pedestrian traffic road hazards and a safe reaction to these items in simple terms just be aware of pedestrian traffic and car traffic the speed limit in parking lots is 5 miles an hour's, so you should go much faster than that okay intersections notice that there are three separate parts the through intersection grade to you on how well you go through an intersection when there is no need to stop two examples would be a green light or an intersection where cross traffic has stop signs, and you do not notice there's that word again traffic check what you need to do here is look both ways before you go through the intersection and do not adjust your speed if there's no reason to and most importantly do not make any unnecessary stops quite frankly that scares the believers out of the examiners this is one of their major pet peeves let's move on to intersections stop this portion grades you on how well you approach a stop two examples would be a stop sign or a red light as you approach do your traffic checking decrease your speed to make a nice smooth stop behind the limit line my recommendations are when you cannot see the limit line in the front of your car you should be completely stopped finally when restarting do another traffic check yield only if it's necessary and pick up your speed nice, and smoothly I will stop here because I...
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